Ignition Change

ByAndrew Jones

Ignition Change

Ignition Change

Jessica Morren

So I have the ability of breaking anything and everything, even the things no one thinks you can break. For example my car ignition. Well I broke it, not so much it but the key that goes inside of it. I broke the key in the ignition, which means you cannot turn the car on or off. So I was stuck in my work parking lot unable to turn my car off because I broke the key in the ignition. I called Locks and Security and explained my story the lady on the phone told me it happens all the time especially in the winter months and that someone will be there soon to help. Literally 10 minutes later a guy was there in his van knocking on my door. He quickly removed the broken key and make me a new one. I was late for work but not nearly as late as both I and my boss thought I would be. Thanks once again guys!


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