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ByAndrew Jones

Car Key Replacement

Paul Gerald

The other evening I was out to dinner with some friends, we were on the beach all day and then stopped off for a bite to eat and a few drinks to catch up. As we were all leaving I noticed I did not have my car keys. We searched the entire restaurant and then even tried to look on the beach for them. We couldn’t find them. I called Barrie Locksmiths and they sent a technician right out. He made the new key in less than 25 minutes and I was on my way home in no time at all. Thank you so much once again!

ByAndrew Jones

Residential Lock Change

Maryann Freedman

I just moved to Barrie after my job relocated me to Toronto, the house I bought was perfect for me. But my Realtor suggested I change the locks since this place used to be an air b&b. I was terrified I did not want any strangers walking into my home. I call Locks and Security in Barrie and they sent a technician out the same day. He changed all the locks in my home and even quoted me on some CCTV cameras. Turns out he lives around the corner and he and his wife invited me out to dinner to get to know the town. Talk about full service! Thanks again!

ByAndrew Jones

Commercial Lock Change

LaRhonda Knowles

We own a small boutique right near the beach, we are used to the hustle and bustle in the summer months but were fully shocked when we got the call that our door had been broken into the night before Christmas. Not knowing who would be open I called Locks and Security, they answered my phone call and all of my questions while dispatching a technician to my store. He met my husband and I there and went straight to work changing the locks and repairing the bent door frame. I am so thankful that a company like this operates in my home town. Thank you!

ByAndrew Jones

Vehicle Lock Out

Mark McConnel

Wow! I was locked out of my car the other night and it was freezing cold. I called the emergency line for Locks and Security and in under 20 minutes I had a guy there unlocking my door and making me a new car key. I was able to sit in his van while he worked in the cold and before I knew it he was done and I was on my way home. So quick, polite and affordable. Thank You!

ByAndrew Jones

Safe Combination Change

Andrea Vicckers

We have a old safe in our office, we use it to hole employee records and the random cash we have on hand. No one ever locks it because no one knows the combination. Well the other day the new girl did not know this and shut the door locking the safe. The next morning my boss was in full panic mode when the inspector was there to review our files. I quickly called Locks and Security and they sent a guy right out. He was magically able to open the safe and allow the inspector access just in enough time so we did not fail the inspection. We cannot thank you enough!

ByAndrew Jones

Ignition Change

Jessica Morren

So I have the ability of breaking anything and everything, even the things no one thinks you can break. For example my car ignition. Well I broke it, not so much it but the key that goes inside of it. I broke the key in the ignition, which means you cannot turn the car on or off. So I was stuck in my work parking lot unable to turn my car off because I broke the key in the ignition. I called Locks and Security and explained my story the lady on the phone told me it happens all the time especially in the winter months and that someone will be there soon to help. Literally 10 minutes later a guy was there in his van knocking on my door. He quickly removed the broken key and make me a new one. I was late for work but not nearly as late as both I and my boss thought I would be. Thanks once again guys!